Dubai Transit Visa

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Dubai Transit Visa

Individuals who are in the city for layovers can obtain a convenient Dubai transit visa. Dubai is a vibrant center of international travel. This transit visa grants visitors the opportunity to engage in sightseeing at Dubai's lively landmarks while they await their connecting flight.

Utilizing the Dubai Transit Visa presents a remarkable occasion to immerse oneself in the vibrant culture, contemporary marvels, and timeless allure of the city. Depending on the type of transit visa, its validity can vary from 48 hours to 96 hours.

During this time, visitors have the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, indulge in purchasing at globally renowned complexes, and savor the local cuisine, all while remaining within the confines of the airport terminals.

The Dubai Transit Visa provides an ideal opportunity to maximize a layover by granting access to the distinctive fusion of Arabian hospitality, innovation, and opulence that characterizes this vibrant locale.

Who is eligible for Dubai transit visa?

To apply for transit visa of Dubai, you must pass the eligibility criteria. 

  • You must not be eligible for Dubai visa on arrival.
  • Your stay duration in Dubai must be more than 8 hours.
  • You must have an onward ticket to a third country other than from the place you are traveling.

How to apply for Dubai Transit Visa?

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Dubai Transit visa processing time & status track

What are the different types of Dubai transit visas?

Basically, there are two different types of Dubai transit visas from which you can opt for. 

  • 48 hours transit visa

The 48 hours Dubai transit visa is a visa category that grants individuals the opportunity to remain in Dubai for a duration of up to 2 days, enabling them to engage in city exploration activities during their stopover period. The aforementioned visa option is particularly suitable for those who have a layover and want to explore the aesthetic allure of Dubai without the need to leave the airport property. 

  • 96 hours transit visa

The 96 hours transit visa is a visa category that permits individuals to remain in Dubai for a maximum duration of four days. For those with a stopover in Dubai who want to experience the city during their transit, this option is considered best. The availability of this visa depends upon the eligibility along with the documentation needed while you apply Dubai transit visa.

Dubai transit visa price

Visa type


48 hours Dubai transit visa

88 GBP

96 hours Dubai transit visa

96 GBP

Documents required for Dubai transit visa

When you apply for Dubai transit visa online with, you only need two documents, which are mentioned below-

  • Passport size photograph (White background)
  • Scanned copy of passport (6 months validity) 

Note: In case you are a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan, then you have to upload your national ID as a supporting document.

Steps to apply for Dubai transit visa

How to apply for Dubai transit visa, is what people ask every time they want to get Dubai transit visa. We are here to let you help with that!

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: You are required to choose citizenship and the country of departure from the available options in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select the specific type of visa that aligns with your intended trip purposes.

Step 4: Proceed to complete all the necessary information within the application form that has been shown to you.

Step 5: Further, complete the process by using the secure payment options available.

Another method for obtaining a transit visa for Dubai is by submitting an application via WhatsApp or email. Please provide your personal information and necessary papers using this platform, or alternatively, you may reach out to our staff at +971-565016625 for more assistance. 

Processing time for Dubai transit visa from UK

With, the processing time for Dubai transit visa is 2 to 3 days. However, if you want the visa on an urgent basis, then you can go for an express visa. With express visa, you will receive your visa in 4 to 6 hours of duration. 

How to track Dubai transit visa status?

After applying for Dubai transit visa, the first and foremost thing is to check the status. Here’s a quick guide on how to check status of Dubai transit visa

For Dubai visa check status with, you just have to click here. To proceed, navigate to our webpage and enter the E-visa number specified in the confirmation email that was sent to you after the submission of your Dubai transit visa application. As soon as you click the submit button, the visa's status will be displayed on-screen.

With us, you will receive a WhatsApp update in real time regarding the status of your Dubai visa, allowing you to determine its current state.

Stay and visa validity of Dubai transit visa

Once you have obtained your Dubai transit visa, keep in mind that it is applicable for either 48 or 96 hours. Staying in the country beyond the visa's expiration date will result in a ban, substantial fines, or both. Nevertheless, your transit visa is only valid for 15 days of use; therefore, you must apply for it before that date. 

Extension of Dubai/UAE transit visa

No, it is not possible to extend your UAE Transit Visa beyond the originally issued duration of hours. You cannot extend your 48 transit visa to 96 hours one for an additional period of time.

Dubai Transit Visa

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue

96 Hours Dubai Transit

Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue

FAQs About Dubai Transit Visa & Other Topics.

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No. If you are a citizen of the UK, you don’t need to get Dubai transit visa. As UK citizens are eligible for Dubai visa on arrival making you not eligible for Dubai transit visa.

No. A Dubai transit visa is needed only when your layover is over 8 hours. For less than 8 hours you won’t be required to get a Dubai transit visa.

No, Only passengers who are traveling through Dubai International Airport are eligible for a transit visa. It is not available to those who are already in the UAE.

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