48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

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Overview - 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

For travelers making a brief layover in Dubai, the 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa is a practical alternative. Designed with transitory travelers in mind, this visa grants access to the dynamic city for a duration of 2 days. Designed to optimize a layover, this visa grants access to a selection of Dubai's most renowned landmarks, including the Al Fahidi Historic District and the towering Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Transit Visa is characterized by its efficient and simple application process. Its purpose is to provide travelers with a concise yet intellectually stimulating journey, enabling them to explore the city's traditions and significant landmarks. Delighting in the vibrant marketplaces, capturing awe-inspiring vistas, or purchasing in the souks—the 48-hour Dubai Transit Visa guarantees an unforgettable trip in this ever-evolving metropolis.

Documents required for Dubai transit visa from UK

  • Passport size photograph
  • Scanned copy of passport with 6 months validity

Note: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan passport holders need to share their national IDs.

How to apply for a 48 Hours Single Entry Dubai Transit Visa?

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Processing Time of a 48 hours Transit Visa

Steps to apply for 48 hours Dubai transit visa

With these straightforward methods, applying for a multiple-entry, 48 hours Dubai visa has become considerably simpler. Allow us to assist you in navigating it:

Step 1: Documentation

To obtain a Dubai visa, navigate to our website and select the visa application form link.

Step 2: Specifics and document uploading

For the visa application procedure, you must now complete all required fields and submit supporting documentation.

Note: Using SSL encryption, your personal information is protected when submitting an online visa application for Dubai.

Step 3: Payment

You will be redirected to the page where you can pay your visa fees to conclude the Dubai visa application procedure once you select "Enter."

Processing time for Dubai transit visa 

It is crucial, when applying for a visa, to be aware of the Dubai visa processing time. This time frame may have an impact on your itinerary and additional facets of your trip. Emiratesvisa.co.uk provides the following two timeframes for acquiring a Dubai visa:

Normal visa (24-72 hours): This is the standard processing time for UK visitors applying for a Dubai visa. Your visa will be evaluated and authorized by the authorities throughout the procedure. 

Express visa (4-6 hours): Applicants who need a visa quickly may apply for this. The processing time for an express visa is typically between four and six hours.

48 Hours UAE Transit Visa

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

648 AED 88 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue

FAQs About 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa & Other Topics.


Longer stays may not be feasible with the Dubai Transit Visa, which is customarily issued for a limited time only. Consider applying for a different form of visa in accordance with your travel needs if you intend to remain for an extended period of time.

No, you can not apply for Dubai transit visa if you are not transiting through Dubai. As the intention of the transit visa is to have a layover while going to a third country.

Compliance with the requirements of your transit visa requires that any changes to your flight itinerary be duly coordinated with both your airline and the immigration authorities. Immigration-related complications or penalties may ensue if the authorized duration is exceeded.

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