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Dubai- Where the fun never ends!

If you are looking for an enthralling Dubai tour package from UK, and luxury holidays to Dubai, then you are at the right place. We got you some amazing offers for your Dubai Trips that will undoubtedly make your journey full of excitement, happiness, and thrills with our impeccable services, trained chauffeur with a comfortable and cooling feel inside. Our Dubai packages will surely turn out a great lifetime experience with our pocket-friendly Dubai tour budget loaded with exquisite monuments, dances, cultures, food, dresses, and fun-loving activities blended with traditional new both. 

Enrich your vacations in Dubai with emiratesvisa that delight your soul with amazing activities and sights in your Dubai packages like- Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari, Dubai miracle Garden, Ski Dubai, Global Village, Dubai Dolphinarium, and Dubai Marina in your Dubai Tours package. So, live your life fully with your dear ones in the Dubai Tours.

First of all, before moving towards Dubai tour package from UK let us all know more about Dubai city, Dubai Trips, and Dubai Tours that will help book your package. 

About Dubai 

Dubai also spelled Dubayy, is famous for its extravagant luxury lifestyle. If you are looking for Dubai holiday packages from UK then it can turn out a great destination. The high-tech facilities and traditional charm of the city attract visitors towards it. Dubai, the United Arab Emirates state is situated on the eastern coast of the Arabian Gulf. Enhance, globally as an advanced center of trade and innovation. 

Dubai from the last few years increasingly becoming the world’s the popular and most loved tourist spot. Dubai is the state where you can relish the fun of different states in one. Here, you can gaze at the world’s tallest and largest building Burj Khalifa, shop in both luxurious designer malls and traditional souks, indulge in the delicious cuisines that taste awesome with captivating aroma, reside in the world only 7-star hotel, Arabic culture, and lastly, visit scrumptious sights, monuments, and adventurous places. 

Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE with over 2, 780,000 residents from 200different nationalities. The city of innovative technologies, infrastructure, fascinating sights, tax-free living, and situated between major trading continents turn Dubai place to perform business.

You will notice here the rich Arabic culture that tells the local life of the city. Nevertheless, anyone can visit and explore Dubai as it attracts all types of visitors with its lifestyle. 

History of Dubai 

Dubai, a famous city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. Originated in the 18th century a tiny fishing village, the city expanded in the early 21st century into a cosmopolitan focusing mainly on tourism and hospitality. But, now Dubai is known for its rich luxurious culture and alluring umpteenth destinations and adventures great for anyone who is looking forward to Dubai Trips. 

Dubai is the business hub of Western Asia, transport hub, mercantile hub as the oil production helped in the city development to a great extent. Since the 20th century, Dubai is the center for national and international trade and the economy relies on revenues from tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.

What are the best places to visit in Dubai?

If you are planning for Dubai Tours and luxury holidays to Dubai then go through the below information where we have provided the best places one can visit if you are planning for Dubai Trips. You can also connect with emiratesvisa if you looking for incredible Dubai tour packages as we will provide affordable packages, offer, and discounts with proper pick-up and drop-off services and safe driving. So, let’s see the various places in Dubai that will grab your attention they are-

Burj Khalifa

One of the largest and highest buildings Burj Khalifa is famous globally due to its architecture and major appearance. Burj Khalifa during its establishment is known as Burj Dubai, as it was named to honor the neighboring emirate leader of Abu Dhabi, The tower was originally opened in January 2010 that still lacks in completion. But now the tower heights reached 162 floors and a height of 2,717 feet, and 828 meters. It was crafted by the Chicago-reside architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. Adrian Smith is the architect behind this lavish building, and William F. Baker is the structural engineer. To enjoy the pristine beauty o the city from the tower the best time to visit is from 4 to 6 PM when the sunset looks stunningly beautiful.

Location- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai, UAE

Palm Jumeriah 

Palm Jumeriah, the artificial man-made archipelago island in Dubai, is the site of private hotels and residences. From the top, the island resembles a stunning palm tree within a circle. Palm Jumeriah was earlier situated in the early 21st century. Some other commonly known names of this masterpiece are Trunk, spine, fronds, and crescent. The crafter of Palm Jumeriah was Nakheel, a real estate company that is presently run by the Dubai government. Palm Jumeirah was the first offshore-shaped development in Dubai. Due to the economic crisis the other two that remain incomplete are- Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira both are greater but could not be completed. 

Location- Crescent Road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Mall 

All the shopaholics Dubai Mall is the perfect spot for you all, the place that fascinates its visitors due to its luxurious appearance. Situated in the heart of Dubai, the Dubai Mall is the trendy retail and entertainment site, which invites 80 million visitors annually. The Dubai Mall is packed with over 1300 retail outlets, two anchor department stores, Galeries Lafayette, Bloomingdale’s, and 200 delicious food and beverages shops. The Mall blended with the luxurious, first-class dining experience, ornaments, shops, traditional Arab dresses, cafes, restaurants, and handicraft outlets. Apart from this Dubai Mall also features Dubai Aquarium, an Underwater Zoo with thousands of aquatic animals, and a 270-degree walkthrough tunnel. 

LocationFinancial Center Rd - Dubai, UAE

Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is for those who want to enjoy the blend of water, music, and light. Dubai Fountain is one of the tallest in the world. That offers an amazing opportunity for the visitors to relish the pleasant sight of water, music, and light. 

Landed within the 30-acre Burj Lake at the ground of the Dubai Mall. The water jets are extended covering an area of the length of almost two football pitches. The Dubai Fountain jump 140 m high every 30 minutes. The colorful sparkled musical jets dance high to a range of melodies that will leave you all dumbstruck. The Fountain is born every 30 minutes from 6 pm daily. 

LocationSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Dolphinarium 

Who doesn’t cherish dolphins and spending some time with these fun-loving aquatic spices? Dubai Dolphinarium is the perfect destination spot full of excitement and fun with your family. The most loved place in Dubai is the entertainment site that showcases bottlenose dolphins and fur seals showing their outstanding skills like- dancing, singing, playing ball, juggling, and jumping high through hoops. If you are an animal lover and want to play, kiss, hug, and dance with these beautiful creatures then Dubai Dolphinarium is the perfect place for you.  

LocationSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Arab 

Burj Al Arab is one of the most deluxe hotel in Dubai. Titled as the only seven-star hotel in the world and the fourth tallest hotel in the world. This most attractive tourist spot includes marvelous restaurants with delicious food, amazing beaches, and Burj Al Arab terrace. The luxury building helped Dubai to reach the global luxury map. Situated in its island, this sail-shaped building contains 28 floors, 202 suites, and rises 321 m, making the guest enjoy the splendid view of the Arabian Gulf from their room where all the VIPs and celebrities are included.  

Location- Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, UAE

Arabian Desert 

Who doesn’t want to fly comfortably in the Golden sand and Desert Safari is the spot that fills all such desires. Desert Safari is an activity that engulfs all age groups. Dubai Desert Safari is an enchanting place to relish and appreciate Dubai sand and Arabian culture. Different interesting activities to enjoy in Desert Safari are- Dune bashing, BBQ dinner, Camel riding, Quad Biking, hot air ballooning, and camping some other fun-loving activities are- dance, music, and dinner that makes the Arabian Desert the most visited place in Dubai. 

 Location- Dubai Desert, Dubai, UAE

Ski Dubai

Situated in the Middle East, Ski Dubai is one of the largest snow parks extended in the 22,500sq meter area. The spot is the perfect entertainment destination for families, especially for kids. This fascinating spot contains Snow Park, Slopes, Snowboarding, Snow Bullet, and penguin march you can also play and interact with penguins. The temperature maintained in the area is -1 to-2 degrees and the capacity of visitors is 1500.  

Location- Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE 

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the exotic Dubai Trip to fulfill the idea of a perfect vacation.  

Dubai Marina is the major fascinating place in Dubai that will surely leave you star-struck. Dubai Marina was developed by collecting water from the Persian Gulf, so interestingly it has a man-made marina. Jumeirah beach the bliss of this place is that provides outstanding stay to more than 500 people. Marina was separated in two ways. The first focuses on buildings, apartments, and towers while the second one move towards heights touching skyscrapers. 

While floating and riding amidst canals people can enjoy the pulchritudinous view of city lights while sitting comfortably on the cruise that can be booked affordably. The other lavish things are – adventure spots, vast malls, delicious serving restaurants, and yacht rides. The place is something that you will doggedly crave. 

Location- Residential district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Global Village 

Global Village created in 1997, the place is extended to 1.6 million square meters raises curtains to 26 global pavilions, cultural shows, shopping, street foods, carnival rides, fire fountain shows, Indian chaat bazaar, floating market, and first oddity museum place like these forces people to bring closer towards them. 

Location- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road E 311 road Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Best Time to Visit Dubai

The perfect time to visit Dubai is from September to April, the time is great when the weather is not extremely hot skies are bright with pleasant temperatures.

From May to August the temperature soars so people prefer less to visit during these times due to which hotel prices went down, but if you want to enjoy the heat or air-conditioned shopping malls and luxurious hotel then you can visit these places. 

Also, it’s better to avoid going during Ramadan because during this time eating in restaurants, drinking, and smoke are completely prohibited which might make your vacations less fun and interesting. 

How to reach Dubai

The best way to reach Dubai is through Flight as the airport receives numerous flights globally. If you are looking for flight from Dubai . Emirates, Dubai’s official airlines provide flights to more than 100 places all over the world. The other airlines are FlyDubai and Etihad.

Sharjah International Airport is another option to fly other than Dubai Airport. Sharjah is not too far from Dubai city, and the taxi will take Dh 50 and 15 minutes to reach the city if there is no traffic.  

The distance between Dubai Airport and the city is just 5 km and can be easily reached by taxi, bus, or underground metro. The convenient way to land in the city is by bus and metro. Though, metros are not available at night so you can switch to other options. 

Best things to do in Dubai

Pack your bags and connect us for Dubai tour packages and we will invite the real fun to your boring life. Here, are some adventurous places that everyone must visit if planning for Dubai Tours. 


Do you want to fly like a bird? Then Skydiving is great for you where the feel to float in the sky is just amazing. After the fall you will relish the free fall for about a minute and then the trained instructors who guided 20,000 jumps will open the parachute for a smooth go for about 5 minutes. The adventure will give you the view of Burj Khalifa one of the largest monument and Burj Al Arab the luxurious hotel of Dubai. 


Also known as hydro flying one of the distinctive sport for adventurous people. This technological invention gives you the feel of a keyboard under the hands of professional trainers that will train you perfectly. In this sports water force under the shoes pull you up to a height of fifteen feet and then bring you down under the water of about 3 feet. Everyone must try this at least once in a lifetime if planning for Dubai tours. 

Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari is another popular sport in Dubai, the stunning 4x4 desert safari will be one of your thrilling experiences that will leave blasting golden and red dunes. This sport is great fun for those who love car riding as it is a combination of both. 

Hot Air Balloon 

The hot balloon is another adventure that will make you fly a hundred feet away from the ground. This adventure is perfect in the morning to enjoy the spectacular view of morning and Dubai city spectacular destinations like Sand Dunes, Persian Gulf, Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab.


Ziplining is another scrumptious activity packed in your Dubai Trips this activity gives you insight into Dubai city from 1800 feet above. The zipline will just take 40 seconds for completion at the speed of 60-70kmph.

Dubai Helicopter ride

Want to sit comfortably and enjoy a delightful Dubai tour then Dubai helicopter view is the great choice that will kick start the Dubai journey of magnificent and ancient places, and alluring destinations and buildings like Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah.

Jet Skiing

The water ride will unfold the outstanding Dubai sites with a blend of water fun. This 1-hour ride will give you beautiful views of Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah beach, and other nearby destinations.

Indoor Skydiving 

This adventurous sport will give you the fly experience by using a fan device that creates wind movements by making you fly 3 meters above due to the powerful wind. Before trying Skydiving a proper training is given by the trainers then only you can look forward towards this sport the other things like helmet and suit is also provided.

Scuba Diving

If you are an animal lover then scuba diving is great for you as it makes you explore the underwater marine world. This 2 hours tour is the sea home of extremely pleasant species, marine life, and ancient shipwrecks. So, everyone must try out this under the trained instructors to experience something different away from the chaotic world.


Parasailing is loaded with fun and beautiful sight that you can try out with your loved ones. Parasailing in the Dubai beach will give you an amazing view of beautiful Dubai destinations like Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah beach residence, and luxurious waterfront homes. 

Best luxury hotels in Dubai  

Dubai city is full of luxurious places to relish the lavish lifestyle. Here are some famous luxury holidays to Dubai that you can include in your Dubai tour package they are- 

Burj Al Arab 

Burj Al Arab is one of the most expensive hotel and the only 7- star hotel in the hotel. Appeared in the giant sail-like structure touching the sky on the man-made island. During the night the hotel sine in different colors that resembles exactly like a sail standing tall. The hotel has marvelous interiors that can attract anyone, the atrium is surrounded on one, and stairways are crafted by marble and gold while beds are equipped on the rotating way to enjoy the 360 views of the city. 

Atlantis- The Palm

Atlantis, the heart of palm is designed beautifully on the color palette of cool- blues and sea- greens that can capture anyone's attention. The hotel is invented based on the theme of the fabled lost underwater city. The interior is designed in shell-shaped rugs, lights that appear like oysters and clams, and doorknobs that feel like fishes. The overall look of the hotel is charming and captivating. 

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 

Jumeirah Beach is a 5-star hotel near Bur Al Arab and also to Madinat Jumeirah the famous shopping spot in Dubai. Created in 1997 in the breaking waves look. Every room in the hotel has a sea view and the view of Burj Al Arab so it is the perfect destination for the nature lover. The hotel is crafted beautifully containing six on-site swimming pools and 21 restaurants that will never stop to amaze you. 

Raffles Dubai

This luxurious hotel is located in Oud Metha, that is one of the most entertaining and exciting place in Dubai. The hotel structure is like a pyramid. The place is great for people who like the tranquil atmosphere you can also visit Sheikh Zayed Road malls, as well as go within walking distance to the Financial District of Dubai. The interiors and furnishing will give you the ancient Egyptian feel. 

Best shopping places in Dubai

Dubai is not only known for its beautiful sights but also giant and lavish shopping spots. Here are, some of the best shopping places in Dubai that will make your shopping experience easier.

Dubai Mall 

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping mall and abode of 1200 shops, 120 cafes and restaurants, a luxury hotel, 22 cinemas, and loaded full of entertainment like the underwater zoo, Dubai Aquarium, 270-degree tunnel and peek into marine life, and skate around Dubai Ice Rink.

Mall of the Emirates 

The mall is different from other shopping malls in Dubai. Here, you can enjoy contentment blend with thrill feels like 85-meter- top manmade mountain, snowboarding, 3000-sq-meter Snow Park, climbing towers, and ice caves this delight spot will surely call you next time and never let you go. 

Gold Souk 

All the gold lovers this place is specially created for you here you will find 300 retailers that operate 10 tons of gold. The market sparkle with enchanting ornaments all around that will assuredly force you to buy them due to their craftsmanship.

Wafi Mall

You will be awed by the beautiful intricate glass ceilings, sculptures, and staircase railings once you enter this magnificent mall. It also resembles appealingly beautiful as it resembles the pyramid-like structure when you step inside. There are a total of 150 retails providing handicrafts and décor items of the Arab culture. 

Best beaches in Dubai

Apart from the luxury destination Dubai is also popular for its lovely manmade beaches that will appear like soft white sand that will call for a huge crowd. Here, are some of the beaches that you must include in your Dubai trips and visit them.

Jumeirah Beach 

Jumeirah Beach, one of the most famous place in Dubai known for its white sand that is so soft and small granules will pull your feet in. It is near Burj- Al- Arab the seven-star hotel so you can also enjoy its view that looks spectacular. The best time to visit is during sunset when the sand change to a deep hue of gold and the water becomes warm. So, if planning to Dubai never miss this beauty. 

Kite beach 

The beach is situated across the Al Manara Road junction that calls for thousands of visitors every day. The name of this beach is invented behind the popular sport here Kite Surfing that enhances the beach colorful and pleasant to watch the other sports to enjoy are volleyball, tennis, football, and kayaking. The sand is soft with a blend of white texture that will delight your soul. The view of Burj-Al- Arab is also visible from this beach. 

Umm Suqeim Beach 

If you want to feel amidst the beautiful nature then this beach is perfect for you popular for its wonderful sun hiding view behind the Arabian Sea. It is also known for jogging and slow walk activities. 

Mercato Beach 

Bookaholics is the perfect destination for you to read books comfortably and enjoy the beautiful weather as the only beach that has a library on the beach, benches, and been bags just pick any one of your favorite book, sit down, and relish the beautiful blue tint sea view. Also, if your tummy calls for food then you can easily grab it from the Mercato mall.

Marina Beach 

The pristine beauty of the beach is born after the sunset as the reflections of the grand buildings are visible in its water. Other than this lot of sand will also accompany you where you can sit under the sun and enjoy its warmth. 

Why choose us?

emiratesvisa offers affordable Dubai holiday packages from UK with various deals, offers, and discounts. Also, our experts will make sure that your Dubai trips will be full of excitement, thrills, and go comfortably without any interruption or problem when you are busy with your fun. Also, our trained expert will guide you, help you visit different places, and unfold interesting facts about Dubai.  


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People Also Ask About Questions

Burj Khalifa

Known for its title as one of the largest buildings in the world standing at the height of 2700 feet. On the 14th-floor observation deck is equipped where the outstanding view of the city is inexpressible, other things like taking world-class spa, engrossing in multiple restaurants cuisines, fountain sights, residing in the luxurious hotel you can also do in  Burj Khalifa. 

Palm Jumeirah 

The most visited spot Palm Jumeirah is one of the most-visited spot of Dubai that is the epitome of beauty. This artificial archipelago resembles a palm tree with a circle when you view it from the top. 

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, the heart of Dubai is one of the largest mall in the world that cover an area of about 500,000sq meters. It is the home of 1200 retails, a large aquarium, ice –rink, 14,000 parking spots, and multiple cinemas. 

Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is the dancing fountain that dances 150 meters high in Arabic and other popular musical numbers. The fountain is situated in Burj Complex and begins life in the evening. The fountain was originated by the California- based WET that surely satisfies your mood.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is a popular indoor amusement park that landed on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. This park is the first Ferrari theme base park that has the largest space frame structure. The destination is perfect to visit with family-friends has as it is overloaded with fun and entertainment. 

Miracle Garden 

One of the largest and the most beautiful flower garden in the world is situated in Dubailand. Separated in the huge area of around 72,000 sq meters that features 45 million flowers and plants. The garden opens curtains from mid-November to mid- May the place freshens your mind with its alluring views and is also the best and must-go destination for nature lovers.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

Located inside the five-star hotel Atlantis Lost Chambers is one of the largest aquarium in the United Arab Emirates-based on the theme of Lost city of Atlantis. You will notice here the marine world of over 65,000 underwater creatures from the Arabian Sea. 

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Parks Dubai is crafted for the B-town world. Here, the visitors will get to know about Bollywood films and how Indian cinemas work also people get the opportunities to stand beside and click photos with mannequins stars, live performances, henna artists, Indian décor, and vintage movie posters. 

Global Village 

Global Village invites 5 million visitors every year, spread over the area of 17,200,000 sq ft. It is the perfect tourist, cultural, shopping, and entertainment spot to visit with family and friends. 

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is found in Dubai Mall it is the home of 33,000 aquatic animals. The aquarium contains more than 400 sharks in the 10 million liter tank. Other animals like the sand tiger shark, giant groupers, sea horses, piranhas, and crabs are also found there.

Skydiving at Palm Jumeirah 

Location – Skydiving center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Skydiving is one of the must-try thing in Dubai that gives you bird experience when you fly above in the sky and beautiful pal Jumeirah can be seen below. It is also considered one of the great skydiving service providers in the world. 

Lake ride at Dubai Fountain 

Location- sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Enjoy the world’s biggest and most beautiful dancing fountain by sitting comfortably in the small boat on the lake that gives you the drive to visit the beautiful fountain show.  

Desert Safari with BBQ dinner

Location- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, UAE

The Arabian desert is the most visited tourist spot due to various exciting activities but the most famous is Desert Safari with BBQ dinner. Here, you will enjoy the 4 wheel ride in the dunes with the expert and get the chance to relish a delicious Arabian BBQ dinner. There are also other activities to enjoy in the Dubai Desert they are- Dune Bashing, camel rides, quad biking, and sandboarding. 

Hot Air Ballooning 

Location- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, UAE

If you want to enjoy the Dubai city blend with the sand view down go with hot air ballooning that will provide you the pleasant view of beautiful dunes spread along with the beautiful sights all around from above the ground. 

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

Situated in the Dubai Mall that will give a peek onto the underwater world with so many species floating in the plethora of water that resembles the same as you see in oceans, rivers, and water bodies.

If Dubai tour package from the UK then the best time to visit Dubai is from September to April.

The perfect way to reach Dubai is by flight. The Dubai Airport receives flights from all over the world. Sharjah International Airport is another way to land in Dubai. For the transport, you can take a bus, taxi, or metro that will take just 15 minutes to take you to Dubai city from the airport.

To land in UAE, a Dubai visa is required from the UK and the Dubai visa from the UK comes in different types. The single-entry tourist visa cost you around.

To land in UAE, a Dubai visa is required from the UK and the Dubai visa from the UK comes in different types. The single-entry tourist visa cost you around.

£120 for 14 days, and 30 days it will cost you £149

To tour Dubai from the UK will cost you £2921 for one week, £5841 for two weeks and £12,517 for a month.

A 5-7 days Dubai Tour package from the UK is enough to explore the beauty of Dubai city.

The best adventure activities to do in your Dubai packages are below


Everyone must try this sport at least once in a lifetime. In this sport, 3-4 people are hanged behind a boat in a special type of parachute and when the boat moves forward the parachute hanged flies up in the air. It is a fully fun ride of 10-15 minutes.


This water sport is for adventure visitors. The hydro lifting device lifts you to float in the air. This thrilling sport not only is adventurous but also peek you inside the beautiful buildings around like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

Desert Safari

Catch the exquisite view of orange sunset and the beautiful ground of sand around in the 4 wheel drive that will ride basting in the dunes and give you the journey of beautiful desert.


All the adrenaline junkies skydiving is the great destination for you all where you will hang yourself in the sky and relish the beautiful palm Jumeirah view as well as other beautiful destinations around.

Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai Fountain is one of the dancing fountains found on the 12-hectare manmade lake in Burj Khalifa. The fountain opens in the evening and throws water up to 500ft high based on the range of Arabic and most popular music. 

Watch Dubai's Skyline from Burj Khalifa

Watching the skyline at the time of sunset and sunrise from the world’s tallest buiding Burj Khalifa is just unimaginable this is the reason why most people attracts to this popular destination and click pictures with their closed ones. 

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Overnight desert safari in Dubai is one of the best experiences to do in Dubai because seeing the sight of the sun setting in the golden sand is very beautiful and pleasant as the driver drives in comfortably in the beautiful dunes and riding you to the beautiful desert world. 

Dinner at Dubai Marina Cruise

Dinner at Dubai Marina Cruise is one of the most magical and beautiful skyline experiences that you will feel after the sunset where you will be amidst the cool air, delicious cuisines, and city light. 

Explore the Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is one of the largest, innovative, and distinctive theme parks with a blend of lightings, music, and other attractions that will blow your mind and delight your soul.

To make your Dubai packages fully utilized don’t miss the Dubai beaches the center of attraction Dubai.

JBR Open Beach

Jumeirah Beach Residence is great for shoreline lovers, and other activities like parasailing, wakeboarding, and banana boating are famous activities in Dubai.

Kite Beach

Situated across Al Manara Road junction, the kite beach is famous for its popular sport kitesurfing where people can participate to relish the fun of kites making the sky colorful. The other famous sport to enjoy there are tennis, football, and beach volleyball.

The Palm Jumeirah

One of the most popular beach in Dubai that is famous for its spectacular sight of the Persian Gulf. Here, the visitors will find white sand that is soft with tiny granules that will pull your feet into it. The seven-start hotel Burj-Al-Arab is also visible from this beach, the reason for its popularity.

Marina Beach

Marina beach beauty arises after the sunset when the building around the beach is seen illuminating in its water. The pleasant sand and basking there is another thing that calls a lot many visitors.

Burj Beach

Burj Beach is one of the most amazing beach situated near Burj-Al –Arab where you can relish the fantastic view of this marvelous hotel, and after the sunset relish the cool sand and waves reaching you. 

Downtown Dubai

If you are planning for Dubai tour package from the UK then Downtown is the best place to stay in Dubai. The place is amalgamated with the tallest buildings like Burj Khalifa, luxurious shopping hubs, shining clubs, and fine-dining restaurants and cafes. Therefore, many people prefer to stay here. 

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence 

The most westernized area in Dubai without any restrictions or block to your fun. Marina is popular for skyscrapers, canals, and is affordable for everyone. So, if you want such things in your around then Marina 

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah beach residence is famous for the famous Jumeirah beach, promenade, beautiful sights, and buildings. It is one of the great place if you are a beach lover. 

Bur Dubai

If you want to explore the old city of Dubai then it is the best place to stay there. Here, you can find narrow alleys, bazaars, traditional works, and architecture. Mostly, Indians are the visitors here. Bur Dubai is very cheap and there are many Indian restaurants that anyone can afford. 

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum situated in Al Fahidi Fort is one of the oldest building in the city built in 1787 and in 1971 the fort opened as a Dubai museum there is a way to galleries that will give you insight into Dubai’s history, culture, and how oil is been discovered. In addition Arab house, mosques, date farms, souks, desert, and marine life.

Dubai Old Town

Situated on the banks of the Dubai Creek Dubai old town will take you back to the developing journey of Dubai before the enhancement of the city boom. Dubai old town also serves traditional markets and palatable meals to enjoy emirates experience.

Hatta Heritage Village

Start the 150 km journey from central Dubai to explore the magnificent Hatta Heritage Village that will unfold the marvelous history with the Bait Al Wali and beautiful artifacts. You will also cherish mosques and forts here that will take you back to those old times.

Jumeirah Archaeological Site

Go back to the Abbasid era as it uncovers treasures, pottery, coins, and tools that were earlier used by the historic people. 

Below, is the cost of both flight and visa from the UK, Manchester, Edinburgh, and London.

You can book a flight to Dubai from the UK, which costs you around 398.61. Holidays to Dubai from Manchester airport will cost you 316.94 pounds from Edinburgh to Dubai it takes 317.44 pounds, and from London, it will cost you 278.61 pounds.

To enter UAE, you will need a Dubai visa from the UK and the Dubai visa from the UK comes in different types. The single-entry tourist visa costs you around.

£120 for 14 days and 30 days it will cost you £149

From London to Dubai flights take 6 hours 45 minutes.

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