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Cancellation of visa application- 

  1. The applicant can terminate his/her application on the prior notice. 


  1. We promise you hassle-free service and we are strict on our terms and conditions. If anyone is found you’re your information for other uses then we will take our actions. 
  2. We do not sell customers' information to the third party, your information is safe with us. 
  3. We can change or modify our conditions at any time without prior notice. 
  4. Once you will the visa information, all your documents/information you filled electronically shall be removed. 
  5. If the client wants to remove the provided information, they can easily request it through a call or send an e-mail. 

Cookies privacy policy- 

  1. To check on our customers that they do not face any kind of problem while using our website we may apply cookies. All these things are done to make our website more user friendly.