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Covid Guidelines for Sharjah Visa-

If you’re traveling to Sharjah from the UK, you must have a negative COVID-19 report. It is mandatory to have a COVID-19 PCR negative test report that was taken 96 hours before your journey. In case you’re fully vaccinated then you’ll not require any kind of COVID-19 test report to enter Sharjah.

Type of Sharjah Visas

Sharjah tourist visa from the UK comes in different types. We have different types of Sharjah visas from the UK for you in case you want to just attend a business meeting, visit for just 7-10 days, and stay for a month. You can select the type of visa according to your reason to visit Sharjah. Apply from any city in the UK like London, Edinburgh, and Manchester for an online Sharjah visa from the Uk.

14 Days Sharjah Visa Tourist (Normal)- The 14 days online Sharjah tourist visa from the UK allows you to stay in Sharjah for 14 days as its name suggests. This is a normal Sharjah visa type and requires only 24-48 hours to get approved. From the date of issue, this UAE visa will be valid for 60 days.

14 Days Sharjah Visa Tourist (Express)- Choose the express type visa if you’re looking for an urgent basis visa for Sharjah. This type of Sharjah visa is ideal for meetings, conferences, transits, and tours. From the date of entry to Sharjah, the tourist can stay for a maximum of 14 days. From the issue date, the visa will be valid for 60 days.

30 Days Sharjah Visa Tourist (Normal)- From the date of entry to Sharjah, this visa allows travelers to stay for 30 days. From the issue date of the visa, the 30 days Sharjah tourist visa will be valid for 60 days. This visa is perfect for travelers who want to explore Sharjah and other UAE places wholly and attend business meetings. Minimum 2-3 days are needed for this type of visa approval. The 30 days Sharjah visa tourist will allow single and multiple entries of the person in Sharjah.

30 Days Sharjah Visa Tourist (Express)- From the date of entry, the tourists can stay for 30 days from this type of visa which is valid for the next 60 days. This visa requires 4-6 hours in visa approval. The 30 days visa allows single and multiple entries of the person in Sharjah.

90 Days Sharjah Visa Tourist (Normal & Express)- From the date of visa issue, 90 day Sharjah tourist visa allows single and multiple entries within 90 days. Tourists who want to enjoy long trips, business conferences, and business meetings can get benefitted from this visa. From the date of entry, the tourist is allowed to stay for 90 days and the visa is valid for 60 days from the date of the visa issuing.

Sharjah Visa Price includes

The following is the list of inclusions that you will get within the Sharjah visit visa price when you apply with

  • Consulate fees
  • Medical insurance
  • Service charges
  • All taxes

Different types of Sharjah visa

48 hours/ 96 hours Sharjah transit visa

This visa is customized for individuals who are traveling through Sharjah with a layover period of 48 to 96 hours. You can use this visa to explore the city for the said period and indulge in various activities.

14 days Sharjah tourist visa

The 14 days Sharjah tourist visa is specially designed for people who want to visit UAE for a short duration. This visa is perfect for conferences, tourism, etc.

However, this visa has a validity of sixty days from the date it was issued to you. Along with this, keep in mind that you cannot extend 14 days Sharjah tourist visa from the specified duration.

30 days Sharjah tourist visa

For having an extended amount of journey, the 30 days Sharjah tourist visa is an ideal option. Suited best for those wanting to visit friends, family or leisure, it will let you enjoy your time in Sharjah.

60 days Sharjah tourist visa

The most preferred visa among tourists, the 60 days Sharjah tourist visa will let you embark on this city in depth.

This visa can be extended for 60 more days, giving you an extended amount of memories in UAE.

Documents required for Sharjah visa

  • Scanned copy of Passport
  • Passport-size photograph
  • National ID (only for Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan passport holders)

How to apply for Sharjah visa online?

As you select the visa with which you are traveling, prepare to fill out the Sharjah visa application form. With below mentioned easy to follow steps to apply Sharjah visa online, fill in all the details in a few minutes.

Step 1: Visit and select ‘I am Citizen of’ and ‘I am traveling from’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select the type of visa that suits best your requirements.

Step 3: Fill out all the details and attach documents like passport and photograph.

Step 4: Proceed for payment for your visa.

Processing time

It is significant to understand the Sharjah visa processing time before and after applying for a visa. As this might affect your travel plan and other aspects of your trip. With us, you will get two distinct processing times, which are as follows-

Normal processing (24-72 hours): This is our normal processing duration that will help you get visa within two to three days. The process involves examining the application and getting it approved within a specific duration.

Express processing (4-6 hours): If you are looking for urgent visa processing, then this might help you in getting a Sharjah visa within a few hours.

How to track Sharjah visa with

As you apply for Sharjah visa from UK, you must keep yourself updated for the status. Even though you have not applied for your Sharjah visa with, you track Sharjah visa status.

You just have to visit our track page and enter the E-visa number mentioned in the visa application. As you click the submit your Sharjah visa status will be shown in front of you.

Travel checklist for Sharjah trip

  • Make sure that your passport has 6 months of validity.
  • Keep adequate money, despite the fact that Dubai acknowledges payment through an online mode.
  • Pack lightweight attire that is appropriate for wearing all through the blistering climate of Dubai.
  • Heading out to Dubai implies you need to walk a ton. So pack some comfortable footwear, you can think about packing flip-flops.

FAQs About Sharjah Visa & Other Topics

Yes, you can apply for a visa on arrival in Sharjah if you are a passport holder of UK, USA and Europe.
With, your every detail is secured through SSL encryption available on our visa application platform.
There is a very rare chance of getting a visa rejected when you are applying with us. However, in case it gets rejected, our team will check for the reason and identify a possible solution for such rejection. Further, letting you apply for Sharjah visa with proper details.

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