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Umm-Al Quwain Visa Online cordially welcomes you to the mesmerizing emirate of Umm Al-Quwain, an exceptional locale that harmoniously blends tradition and serenity. Situated in the United Arab Emirates, Umm Al-Quwain invites visitors to delve into its historical landmarks and unravel its cultural tapestry. Featuring vibrant markets and ancient forts, the emirate offers an amazing view of traditional Arabian culture. Additionally, the tranquil beaches of Umm Al-Quwain provide a serene sanctuary where guests can relax in the midst of breathtaking natural scenery.

By expediting the visa application process, ensures that your trip to Umm Al-Quwain will be devoid of any complications. As you commence this expedition, expect to completely engage with the indigenous culture, partake in genuine encounters, and forge enduring recollections in a location that exquisitely harmonizes tranquil surroundings with genuine culture. In pursuit of historical revelations or serene coastal moments, Umm Al-Quwain extends an invitation to explore its twisting depths with the help of

Umm-Al Quwain visa Price


Single Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa

48 hours Umm-Al Quwain transit visa

88 GBP

96 hours Umm-Al Quwain transit visa

96 GBP

14 days Umm-Al Quwain visa

139 GBP

30 days Umm-Al Quwain visa

149 GBP

319 GBP

60 days Umm-Al Quwain visa

299 GBP

549 GBP

90 Umm-Al Quwain visa

370 GBP

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Types of Umm-Al Quwain visa

48 hours/ 96 hours Transit visa

In order to access the Umm-Al Quwain Emirate, visitors whose nationality prohibits entry to the UAE without a visa are required to opt for either 48 hours or 96 hours, respectively. Granting an extension or renewal is not possible for the 48-hour and 96-hour visas. The day of entry marks the commencement of the transit visa’s validity period, during which the traveler is required to depart the nation.

14 days Umm-Al Quwain tourist visa

In contrast to the standard 30-day visa, individuals desiring to visit Umm-Al Quwain for a lesser duration are granted 14 days visa upon entry by the Dubai immigration department. This Dubai visa is valid for a limited duration of stay, as its name implies. This visa grants an ample amount of time for you to explore all of Umm-Al Quwain attractions and activities.

30 days Umm-Al Quwain tourist visa

Providing visitors with the opportunity to investigate the entire metropolis, this visa type is among the most sought-after. Business travelers are granted 30 days to stay in Umm-Al Quwain during which they are permitted to finish all necessary tasks.

60 days Umm-Al Quwain visa

The 60-day Dubai visitor visa, similar to the 30-day visa, permits stays in excess of two months. There is ample opportunity for in-depth exploration and cultural immersion. Contact our team for a hassle-free extension of your visa if you are in there to visit family and running low on time. This will allow you to extend your stay without any complications.

Documents required for Umm-Al Quwain visa

The list of documents required to be submitted with the Umm-Al Quwain visa application is mentioned below.

  • Passport-size photograph with a white background
  • Scanned copy of passport with 6 months validity
  • National ID (For citizens of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan)

Steps to apply for Umm-Al Quwain visa

Using, the Umm Al Quwain visa application process is a seamless journey. Follow these simple instructions to submit an online application for your Umm-Al Quwain visa.

  • Navigate our website and select the country of origin along with the citizenship through the drop-down menu.
  • In order to proceed, select the Umm-Al Quwain visa that suits your specific travel needs.
  • Enclose all the necessary information and upload documents as well.
  • Conclude your application process by securing the payment through a secular payment method.

What is the processing time for the Umm-Al Quwain visa?

It is essential to comprehend the processing time in order to efficiently organize your trip. offers two options for processing:

Standard processing: This type guarantees that your visa application for Umm-Al Quwain will be approved within 24 to 72 hours of duration.

Express processing: If you need a visa on an immediate basis, select express visa and we will accelerate the approval procedure within 4 to 9 hours.

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