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Using Emiratesvisa.co.uk, arranging a trip to the gorgeous city of Fujairah is a breeze. Securing a Fujairah visa has never been easier than with our platform’s user-friendly experience. Our varied visa choices are designed to meet your unique travel needs, whether you're planning a brief transit trip or a longer exploration.

Beginning with the simple selection of your citizenship and travel origin, the application procedure is designed to be user-friendly.

Visiting Fujairah is not just about going there; with Emiratesvisa.co.uk, you can be certain that the entire process will be quick and easy. Put your trust in us to prepare you for an adventure to Furjairah;'s marvels that you will never forget.

Fujairah Visa Price


Single Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa

48 hours Fujairah Visa

88 GBP

96 hours Fujairah Visa

96 GBP

14 days Fujairah Visa

139 GBP

30 days Fujairah Visa

149 GBP

319 GBP

60 days Fujairah Visa

299 GBP

549 GBP

90 days Fujairah Visa

370 GBP

Choose From a Range of Fujairah Visa Options

to suit your needs! line


648 AED 139 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue


745 AED 149 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue


1352 AED 299 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue

90 Days Dubai Visa

2080 AED 450 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue

14 Days Multiple Entry

1139 AED 245 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue


1500 AED 319 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue


2485 AED 549 GBP
Visa Processing Time :
24 - 48 Hours
Visa Use Validity :
60 Days From Date Of Issue

Countries Eligible for Fujairah visa

Who can apply for Fujairah Visa?

The type of visa one is applying for has the most impact on the eligibility criteria for Fujairah visa. Surprisingly, visitors to Fujairah who have the citizenship of UK, USA and Europe are usually not required to fill Fujairah application form since they are eligible for visa on arrival.

However, it is recommended that you make sure of your eligibility before applying for visa with our team. Visitors can apply for Fujairah visa with confidence if they follow the proper steps. This will make sure that they meet all the requirements and make their journey to this fascinating destination go off without a hitch.

Different types of Fujairah Visa

While applying for visa, you will be given the option of different types of Fujairah visa from UK.

Transit visa

There are two different types of transit visa that you can opt for during your layover in Fujairah.

48 hours

This exclusive transit visa is designed for travelers who have their layover in Fujairah for 48 hours. 48 hours Fujairah visa will let you immerse in the charm of the city while engaging in a variety of activities.

96 hours

96 hours Fujairah transit visa is one of the convenient options for travelers who are transiting. Travelers with a stopover of up to 96 hours may get a short-term visa that lets them explore Fujairah.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa for Fujairah is a short-term travel document that allows people of other nationalities to visit either for leisure, work or any other purpose.

14 days Fujairah visa

Perfect for short visits, 14 days Fujairah visa offers a brief yet immersive experience in this emirate. Suited for individuals who are looking for quick trips either based on a single entry or multiple entry basis.

30 days Fujairah visa

For those looking to extend their stay, the 30 days Fujairha tourist visa is a great option. It is perfect for leisure travelers or for those visiting their loved ones. This visa can be opted for as single entry or multiple entry within the visa validity duration of 60 days from the date of issue.

60 days Fujairah visa

If you are looking for an in-depth experience, 60 days Fujairah visa is ideal to go for. This visa offers a prolonged stay while balancing flexibility and duration at a single time.

90 days Fujairah visa

The 90 days Fujairah visa is perfect for a long and intensive visit in UAE. Whether it is for a long stay or an extended business trip, this visa gives tourists three months to enjoy everything that Fujairah has to offer.

Work visa

You are required to obtain a business visa to Fujairah in order to participate in business meetings, commercial events and so on. Fujairah work visa, which permits stays up to a year, enables entrepreneurs, investors and other such professionals to explore the city while engaging in their work.

The Fujairah work visa typically requires:

  • Invitation to work in UAE,
  • Passport size photograph
  • Scanned copy of the passport

Family visa

The purpose of the Fujairah family visa is to facilitate a visit to UAE with your loved ones. It grants individuals the opportunity to extend the stay of their family members in Fujairah, thereby creating invaluable opportunities for bonding.

Steps to apply for Fujairah Visa

After selecting the ideal visa type and gathering all the necessary documents, prepare to fill out the Fujairah visa application form. With the below-mentioned steps, fill in the Fujairah visa form within minutes.

Step 1: Visit our website and select the citizenship and departure location from the drop-down options.

Step 2: Explore different types of visa and choose the one that suits you the best.

Step 3: Complete the visa application form and fill in all the required details.

Step 4: Make final payment for the visa you have opted for.

How to track Fujairah Visa online

It is important for those applying for Fujairah visas from UK to maintain awareness of their visa status. Even in the event that Emiratesvisa.co.uk has not been selected as the platform for obtaining a Fujairah visa, it is still possible to conveniently track the visa progress.

To access the tracking page, click here. After the page is displayed in front of you, enter the E-visa number provided in your application. Once entered, please click on the submit button to proceed. The visa status for Fujairah will be swiftly presented, maintaining openness and providing reassurance.

Faq's About Fujairah Visa

To get the Fujairah visa from UK, you have to visit our website, fill out the Fujairah application form and submit the visa fees through our secured platform.

In order to enter UAE, you must obtain UAE visa or Fujariah visa from UK. A UK visa will not be applicable for entering the nation.

You can get Fujairah visa fast by selecting the express visa option. With this, you will get the visa within 4 to 6 hours of duration.

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